Newfire Christian Clothing Mission:

"We must fight mediocrity, destroy complacency, and scoff at the idea of being called "luke-warm." The Creations of Newfire, inspired by the teachings of great scholars and leaders, encourgage a stylish way to remind ourselves and others that we need to have a constantly renewing fire for what we believe in." Revelation 3:16 So Because You Are Luke-Warm I Am About To Spit You Out of My Mouth NFPARADISE has a vision sprouted by this world of complacency and mediocrity. It is all too easy to stick with what is "comfortable." NFPARADISE is a company that strives to display positive anti-complacent propaganda through clothing, art, and a unique lifestyle. NFPARADISE designs are inspired by musicians, visual artists, and action sports athletes who recognize and hold fast to a higher calling. Innovation, dedication, and customer loyalty are what make NFPARADISE a solid company. To be a part of the "NEWFIRE FAMLY" is to be loving, creative, and different. We hope you enjoy your stay. Also, if you are a visual artist, musician, or action sports athlete, e-mail us at contact@nfparadise.com WELCOME TO NEWFIRE PARADISE INSPIRED CHRISTIAN CLOTHING.

We all have a purpose in life and God has blessed us with different talents to be used in spreading his word.  Our religious clothing / spiritual clothing / inspirational clothing is not meant to be "in your face Christian Clothing," but rather t-shirts, hoodies, etc. that will catch the eyes of others and get them asking questions.


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